The Bread Bible - Celeste's Sunflower-Oatmeal Bread

A simple recipe that tastes delicious.  You get the earthiness of the whole wheat flour and the pleasant flavor of sunflower seeds combined with a nice crumb and moist but hearty bread.  This is another from the Bread Bible that I'll make again {and again...}.

The recipe instructed me to shape the dough into 3 equal portions (after the first rise) and place them on parchment-lined baking sheets to rise an additional 30 minutes.  On her blog, Beth instructs readers to divide the dough in 2 portions and bake them in bread pans.  I'll be baking it that way next time so I can use it for sandwiches.

This recipe can be found at Beth's blog {here}.

**This bread freezes extremely well.  I wrapped mine in foil and then put in a freezer bag.  Tasted very fresh a month and a half later.**

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