Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Making homemade extract is easy with only 2 ingredients - Vodka and Vanilla Beans.  The type of vodka doesn't necessarily matter neither does the type of vanilla bean, however, as with anything else, you will get a slightly different flavor depending on the type of bean and vodka.

For every 1 cup of vodka you'll need 3 whole vanilla beans.

Add the beans and the pod to the bottle of vodka.  Once you've done this with all beans, add the reserved cup of vodka until the bottle is full.  Shake the bottle and put aside for 2 -4 months.

Weekly, or when you think of it, shake the bottle.  Check it after 2 months.  It should smell strongly of vanilla and be dark and slightly syrupy.  If it isn't, put it aside for a couple of weeks and continue to shake and check on it.

You can pour it into smaller bottles or keep it in the vodka bottle to use.

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