Vanilla Sugar

Not really a recipe, rather a "how-to".  I refer to vanilla sugar frequently in recipes and decided I should put a reference on my blog.  Here it is - super yummy vanilla sugar.  Easy to make, easy to store and so flavorful to use.

What You Need:
Granulated Sugar
Vanilla Beans and/or Pods

If you use vanilla beans for a recipe don't discard the pod!  Use it to make vanilla sugar.  Add as much granulated sugar as you would like to halfway fill a container.  Add your pods and beans (if using).  Make sure the pod pieces are large enough you'll be able to pick them out when you later go to measure out some of the sugar.

Fill the remainder of the container with granulated sugar.  Put a lid on, shake, and let set.  You will have vanilla sugar in as little as 1 week!  As you use the sugar you can keep the pods and re-use them until they begin to lose their smell and flavor.

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