How To Improve A Boxed Cake Mix

Yes, it's true.  I, from time-to-time, bake with a boxed cake mix.  I feel as though this is a confession......hello, my name is Staci and I bake with boxed cake mixes.

Even my mother was surprised by this news.  There are times, however, when life gets hectic and the hubbie wants a dessert and, well, this is what I turn to.  I have found that with a few simple switches/additions you can definitely improve the flavor and texture of a mix.

To any boxed cake mix you can add/substitute:
  • add an extra egg
  • substitute the water called for in the recipe with milk {same amount as is called for}
  • substitute the oil called for in the recipe with melted butter {same amount as is called for}
  • add a small box of instant pudding {added with the cake mix}
  • add extract {1 teaspoon of your favorite extract}
Follow the instructions on the box.
These alternatives add a little more of a rich taste and improves the texture.
You can try some substitutions/additions or all - give it a try and see what you think!


Gardeningbren said...

I've done this too. It really makes the store bought mix taste a little more home made, especially if the mix is not too cheap and full of chemicals..well you know...A nice mix that has some wholesomeness to it.

Great tip!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks Brenda! You are so right - definitely makes it taste more homemade. :)

daisy said...

Just like adding a few little somethings to improve the taste of store-bought spaghetti sauce in a pinch.
Cake is always welcome here! ;0)

Elisha said...

One Q I always have about adding a box of pudding is that cake mixes have pudding in the mix.... So so you add the extra box of pudding anyways??

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Daisy - so true! Elisha - I'm not sure I would add the pudding if there's already pudding in the mix. I think I would stay with the egg/milk/butter. If you try adding the pudding let me know how it turns out.

Rural Revival said...

Interesting, we'll have to give it a try. The kids like to make cupcakes, usually at the last minute for school the next day; these come in handy!